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Jacob's Ladder refers to a biblical story in the Book of Genesis, in which the biblical Patriarch Jacob dreams about a staircase to heaven. In Grand Theft Auto IV, a statue that echoes this story is located in Algonquin at the intersection of Columbus Ave and Uranium street. The statue depicts a man high atop a ladder reaching out into the sky as if trying to reach heaven.

Other Explanations

On the base of the statue there is a name that reads: Jeremiah James. Jeremiah James is a musician and actor from New York and member of a band called Teatro, which were signed with Sony BMG. Dan and Sam Houser, who are Rockstar Games executives, used to work for Sony BMG, so they are probably friends with Jeremiah James and added a little Easter egg for him. The statue of the man on top of the ladder must be a reference to the stage musical Carousel, in which Jeremiah James played the role of Billy Bigelow. A famous quote from the musical is "Put Him up on a ladder, for all I care, only get Him out of that parlor!"


  • On TV in GTA IV, Jeremiah James is said to have founded Liberty City.
  • Also, in the film Capolavoro in GTA V, this scene is reenacted at Firefly Island Beach.
  • In beta version of game, mission Concrete Jungle was actually named Jacob's Ladder.