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The Island Bridge Apartment is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Island Bridge Apartment is technically situated in Washington Beach, but due to a lack of any title associated with the apartment, fans gave it its name due to its location right before the Island Bridge. The apartment is also known by the name of the Pink Building. The Island Bridge Apartment serves as an obscure myth location in the game.

The Island Bridge Apartment is visited by many myth hunters due to the existence of one of the infamous cement shoe man, who is situated in the waters adjacent to the apartment. According to the players, the site was visited by the Vice City Mafia in the past. Rumors speak that if the player manages to get to the top of the building, they may see the Flying Ford Anglia. These retro myths have made the Island Bridge Apartment an unique place among myths. A rampage can also be found in the apartment.