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Interstellar Travel is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


According to ufologists and space researches, wormholes are hypothetical areas of warped spacetime with great energy that can create tunnels through spacetime. These supposed space tunnels are said to be a plausible technique of light years of interstellar travel in a quick span of time. However, specifically in accordance to ufologists, this deep space travel tunnel is a portal between humans and aliens, thus, giving rise to the theory that aliens spawn on Earth through these wormholes. Bizzare theories speak that these wormholes could be used by aliens to carrier humans out of the earth.

Such is the case in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, when a user on Youtube published a video[1] featuring a seemingly ordinary night sky until a helicopter and dodo suddenly disappeared in the sky into an invisible portal. The incident is astonishingly similar to sightings of alien-like portals and is assumed to be used by Vice City UFOs. Technically, this seems like a precursor glitch to the Skydoor myth, except for a single explanation, the incident couldn't be described in detail due to its rarity. The most feasible simplification could be instantaneous de-spawning of the aero-vehicles due to unknown reasons. However, a user under the video submitted a technical theory regarding the case;

It happens whenever you're in a Helicopter or Skimmer. The DeadDodo and "CoastMav" are scripted to vanish into thin air whenever they appear near Tommy but you're not in a Helicopter or Aircraft.
GTA Vice City weird Dodo and Police Maverick glitch-1

GTA Vice City weird Dodo and Police Maverick glitch-1

The video featuring the incident

The DeadDodo and CoastMav have a certain Route they follow and are only chaseable when you're airborne and follow them. I've followed them both from start to finish, and they do the same flight path over and over again. Also both aircraft are not solid and you can phase right through them both without causing any damage.

Also the propeller on the DeadDodo is Static so it will never move, same story with the CoastMav.

The AI Police Helicopter that chases Tommy is not solid to the player. if the player manages to strike the Chase Helicopter from the rear body up to tbe front, you'll receive damage but that helicopter won't. It's only un solid from the Tail Boom to the blinking light three spaces behind the tail.



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