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InterGlobal Studios is a film studio and a famous mythical location featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, located on Prawn Island. It is accessible after its purchase. It is associated with several retro myths. This location is also a home to City Model.

Link with Myths

InterGlobal Studios, located in Vice City, possesses numerous inexplicable facts, interlinking or referencing some existent life myths. Spitz is signed as a z-list movie director.

Conspiracy Theory

The alleged Conspiracy Theory film set was one of the most controversial myths in the GTA Series. It is considered to be a reference to the real-life scandal of the 1969 moon landing. Over the years, people started to believe in this fact. Later, it was speculated to be the set of some feature film or science documentary. Due to the global audience reception and certain similar facts, this is considered to be an Easter egg, inspired by the 1969 lunar landing controversy. 


One of the retro myths situated in the InterGlobal Studios is the unspecified UFO prop. The operation of this spaceship is not revealed during the storyline. Technically, it is a flying saucer. There is a slight possibility that this UFO is used for some astro-documentary. This could also be a reference to alien beings or extraterrestrial life in Vice City. Players have also speculated it to be featured in the feature film Drive. The subject of this myth is highly debated, even years after the release of the game. 


The prop is a subject to the famous myth, the Megalodon Shark. A vintage monster movie, namely, Spitz Zombie Series is also produced by the studios in a random order.