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Insane Cancer is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Insane Cancer is a monstrous humanoid from the game, Silent Hill 3. Insane Cancer symbolizes the pain suffered after she was burned. Insane Cancer's movement in the game is steady, meaning it won't run unless the creature wants to eliminate Heather, the protagonist. Insane Cancer unlike Pyramid Head lay around Silent Hill, usually idle or asleep, this is said to be a way to redeem his health. Moreover, the name of this monster indicates the cancerous mass he is made up of.

GTA Vice City

Insane Cancer was featured in the mod, Silent Hill Exotica. In the mod, the monster supposedly appears in the Ocean Driveway as part of the nightmare the player experiences. As evidence from the screenshots of the game, it could be feasible that Insane Cancer has formed an unholy alliance with Closer. The existence of Insane Cancer in the game is most likely false due to the fact that Silent Hill 3 a year after the release of GTA Vice City. However, the monster still exists in the mod.

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