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The Infinity Murders refer to 8 murders carried out by The Infinity Killer, Merle Abrahams, in 1999.


Merle Abraham buried the bodies somewhere in the State of San Andreas, which went undiscovered by the police. He left various clues around the state referencing the murders and where the bodies were buried.

Off the coast of Paleto Bay, at the northernmost part of the state, is an archipelago. It harbors the 8 human corpses bound in plastic wrap resting on the sea floor. These bodies are presumably the bodies of the 8 joggers killed in 1999 by the Infinity Killer. To view the bodies, it is recommended that the player uses a scuba gear since they are somewhat deep underwater. However, if you use a trainer to spawn a glass pane and place it infront of the bodies, they all apear to be female, which is confusing. Some players have speculated, that those bodies found north of Paleto Bay are not the infinity murders but another set of victims killed by a possible “wannabe”-killer to Merle Abrahams. It has also been theorized, that this killer may be the same person who wrote the Go away Merle Abrahams you're a wrong 'un'-phrase on the house facade of the Infinity Killer house, implying a sort of jealousy towards Merle Abrahams. It could also just be a developer oversight, however.