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The Ice Cream Man is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Ice Cream Man is an urban legend in GTA Vice City. According to the legend, the Ice Cream Man would allure children towards him, eventually abducting them, causing a wave of fear among the locals.

The myth first came to the scene due to a relation derived from Maude Hanson, the owner of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory. Strikingly, she is also known by the name Ice Cream Lady, and similar to the serial killer's nature of nobbling and murdering local children, Hanson belongs to such a background as well. She worked in children home before setting up the factory, but left the profession due to absurd hate towards adolescents.

It may be plausible that Hanson does contribute to the child kidnapping in the city, which maybe is the reason for the absence of adolescents in the game. However, this is unlikely, as children aren't included in all GTA games, as it would give birth to a massive conspiracy and limited ratings. Some theories relate to the plausibility of the serial killer being employed by Maude Hanson herself, while some have concluded that the killer is, in fact, Hanson, cross-dressing herself as a man.

Players believed that this killer can be sighted in the western region of Washington Beach, roaming around the abandoned shops, behind the Avery Towers. Therefore, keeping in view the lack of any technical evidence, this myth can be considered false.