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Hurricanes are an abnormal weather storm, possessing the ability to inherit a wind of force of about 118 km/h or above. They are a subject of myths in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Vice City, being based on Miami, is frequently hit by violent hurricanes throughout its history. According to geological records, a hurricane typically passes within 50 miles of Miami every five to seven years. Implying that on Vice City, several Easter eggs, with respect to this inheritance, are scattered around the city. Specifically, in the years of 1984 and 1986, Vice City was to be hit by a hurricane, in 1984 it was hurricane Gordon, and in 1986 it was hurricane Hermione, but gradually the pressure of each hurricane decreased and were unable to approach the city. However, precautionary measures were taken with the state temporarily closing all the bridge routes, referencing of how the previous hurricanes might've caused destruction in the city. An example being the Abandoned Bungalows.

Moreover, a group of myth hunters have debated over the possibility of a mythical involvement with respect to these hurricanes. According to their thesis, the inability of the hurricane Hermione to strike the city was due to Pazuzu, demon of the southern winds. In addition to this, stressing that Pazuzu holds eminence importance among Haitians and due to the dominance of these immigrants in Little Haiti, Pazuzu aided the city and swayed the hurricane. However, the basis of these theories is over exaggerated fan-fiction.

The plausibility of a Bermuda Triangle has also led players to believe that these hurricanes are in-fact originated from the Bermuda sea and have something to do with the paranormal importance of the region. According to them, these hurricanes will demolish the entire city in a specific era. Thus, this is merely false and widely considered as an imposture. Mods have also been developed for this spoof phenomenon. The peculiar green clouds have also been linked to these hurricanes.