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The Hunter Quarry is a large blast-mining operation located just southwest of the city of Las Venturas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Hunter Quarry occupies a good portion of the southeastern quadrant of Bone County, only minutes drive from neighboring Fort Carson. The quarry possesses both northern and eastern entrances which lead down into the base of the dig-site through a series of intricate declining slopes and ramps.

The operation comprises of several portable cabins, various conveyor systems, and a large controllable magnetic crane along with a Dumper. A Burrito and Rumpo regularly spawn at the eastern entrance while a Dozer will appear in the center of the quarry after completing all quarry missions, with a Sanchez appearing next to it upon completion of the mission Explosive Situation.


Players have reported encountering Skeletons within the quarry, supposedly spawning and attempting to kill the player with melee weapons. 

Sightings of a phantom dog, which myth hunters have termed the Fire Dog, have also been reported. Players have theorized that the dog caught on fire while the quarry was in operation, possibly due to a TNT accident, leading to its demise. The dog can allegedly be seen roaming at night, specifically around 20:00. The dog isn't violent and will only run away if seen by the player. Later, it was shown to be a hoax.



  • After the mission Explosive Situation, CJ can complete seven quarry missions here. After completing the missions, the quarry becomes an asset.
  • The quarry is the only place in the state where a Dumper can be found.