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Herbie is a creature mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Carl Johnson: How'd you get around if you don't drive?
The Truth: I have an astral goat called 'Herbie'. She's faster than most, but gettin' old...

Herbie is an Astral Goat, as described by its owner The Truth. During the mission Are You Going To San Fierro?, Carl Johnson questions The Truth about his transport used for journeys and traveling around the state. The Truth then claims that he travels around on an astral goat known as Herbie and, that he has not driven in fifteen years, despite owning a Camper, which he refers to as The Mothership. Skeptics have put forward their opinion that the Herbie is a product of The Truth's drug-induced hallucination, or side effect as a cause of drugs. Some have mentioned that The Truth might be bluffing to Carl Johnson just to sound more well versed in the paranormal.

Myth hunters hold an entirely different opinion on the existence of Herbie. According to myth hunters, Herbie does exist in the game files or may have been ousted from the final release of the game, while some have theorized that Herbie can be sighted around Mount Chiliad.

An Easter egg related to Herbie was later found out. The name "Herbie" was a call sign for the Volkswagen Type 1, which is shown in the 1968 film The Love Bug. This may be a reference to The Truth's current vehicle, the Camper, which is based on a Volkswagen Type 2. This reversed the entire scenario and led players to think that Herbie is a vehicle previously owned by the Truth. This is further supported by some facts The Truth mentions that Herbie is getting older, but is still faster "than most". He may be implying that Herbie is a vehicle instead of a pet.