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For the myth in GTA SA, see Hellhounds (GTA SA).
For the myth in GTA IV, see Hellhounds (GTA IV).
For the myth in GTA V, see Hellhounds (GTA V).

Hellhounds are an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Hellhounds are diabolical beasts from the realm of darkness. They are described to have stark red eyes, thick black fur with an unethical and lethal approach towards the victim. These nocturnal creatures are said to lurk the darkness where they guard the gate to the realm of the dead. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the existence of Padfoot has lead investigators to ponder over encounters with Hellhounds. Vice City contains dark and isolated alleys, abandoned houses, haunted locations which could serve as the primary location for such sightings. Along with such locations, there is a Abandoned Park which features a reference to beastly creatures. However, it could be complicated to distinguish a Hellhound sighting from a Padfoot one but Hellhound's rare physical appearance might assist in determining the resolution. Moreover, Hellhounds have been interlinked with werewolves and the only trace of werewolves' existence in the game is Full Moon Warehouse but since the reference is based on the occurrence of werewolves on a full moon night, the incorporation of Hellhounds into this particular myth becomes unlikely.


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