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The Hell House is a dilapidated apartment building and one of the infamous mythical locations featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and is located in Montgomery, Red County.


The building appears to have been in a recent fire, because its cement face is charred by smoke, and its windows are blackened from fire. The apartment is never referred to in the game's storyline, and consequently, the cause behind the fire that occurred here remains a mystery to date. Additionally, there is a strange light blue light on the house that is referring to the Epsilon Program myth. Also, an MP5 spawns near the house which makes it even more interesting. Players have reported being set on fire near the apartment, but that was shown to be false. Players have also said to have seen the face of Satan on the wall, claiming the fire was the work of the devil.

Various YouTube videos have claimed that the Hell House may be based on a real-life apartment fire in Montgomery, Alabama in 1992, referencing the town's name and the game's setting of 1992. However, there are no such records of a similar event happening in the town.


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