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The Headless Man is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


This myth started in early 2011 when some players reported that they saw a man in swim trunks with no head somewhere in the Blueberry Acres area in the foggy, or stormy weather.

According to the old story, there was a college student just going for a swim one day in the river near Blueberry, when he was attacked and decapitated by an old angry farmer, who can now be found at the Angel Pine Junkyard.

The reason for the attack remains unknown, but people say that he was brain-damaged, and it was just a random attack.

The body of that student was one day reanimated somehow, possibly by Aliens, and now kills anyone who trespasses on the farm and around the river, even the farmer.

The farmer, who killed the student, was killed later by some unknown group of people and dumped in the junkyard.

However, this myth makes an appearance in a myth mod titled Mythemix, so it is widely believed to be false.

On the PS2 version of GTA San Andreas, it is possible to locate a Two-Player icon and activate a cheat code for the Weapon Package containing the Katana. Player two can execute player one from behind and behead him, leading to player one dying. If the player quits out of Two-Player, they can visibly see CJ's head completely gone, with blood squirting out as he has just been killed.

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