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For the myth in GTA LCS, see Haunted Lighthouse.

The Haunted Lighthouse is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In the beta version of the game, the lighthouse was absent, and there were no rocks or docks around that point.


The lighthouse is believed to be haunted by a witch. It is said that she resides near the ladder at the top of the lighthouse. Many have claimed to see her during the late hours of the day, usually around midnight. It is said that she opened up the lighthouse because players connected the "OUT OF ORDER" sign and the fact that the light is being turned on, suggesting a break-in. Moreover, players claimed to see the light flashing on and off on the lighthouse around the middle of the night. This witch is claimed to be responsible for this occurrence. Also, there is a Caddy hidden in the bushes near the lighthouse, for unknown reasons.

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  • The lighthouse is based on the Cape Florida Light in Key Biscayne.