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The Haunted Haitian Drug Factory is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The factory is blown up during mission Trojan Voodoo by Tommy Vercetti. After this, rumors circulated that the factory's ruins are haunted by dead Haitians, most notably, headless ones. However, despite the numerous claims, this is very unlikely to be true, and most likely just serves as a random location after the mission.

Players have demonstrated that the factory can be seen in its original state, even after the demolition, giving the impression of a ghost building. However, it's likely to be a rare glitch.

Notable Sightings

Several of the sightings emerged pretty late after the release, mostly notable in 2016. One of the users, claims to have experienced an odd phenomenon in the ghostly reinstated factory, the user tracked a strange pedestrian, eventually discovering him dead under unknown circumstances, to his shock, no blood was spilled upon shooting the corpse multiple times, astonishingly giving the impression of a ghost pedestrian. However, a technical explanation is applicable that the game doesn't load specific codes at times, leading to such phenomenons. This most commonly occurs with the Supercop, whereas the death incident is yet to explained. Moreover, in 2015 a strange glitch has been discovered.

So I was walking around at the Haunted Haitian Drug Factory, which appeared in it's previous state due to the common glitch. Normal enough. Well, I saw a pedestrian walking around this place, which as far as I am concerned, is also normal. Well, I saw this one pedestrian walking around, the first ped I saw in there actually, so as a new myth hunter in VC I was exited and followed him around.
Well, it just so happened that a Haitian spawned in there, and was taunting Tommy. I turned around for about ONE second to shoot him with my revolver. Well, when I looked back, the pedestrian just [dropped] dead for no reason (I didn't see the cause.) Even stranger, a few seconds later, I started shooting his corpse. No blood came out at all, the only impact was the ground. When I tried on the Haitian's corpse, there was blood on impact. It was almost like this guy was a ghost or something.
- Gunshow20, GTA MW user.


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