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Haunted Basketball Courts is a myth and a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Northern Court

Several players have reported hearing the sounds of people playing basketball in all of the courts. However, when these sounds are heard, there are no basketball players to be seen. Players have also reported having seen ghosts in one of the courts. A strange glitch can also be found in the court, the hoops and poles of the court are non-solid, giving an impression of a ghost court. Mysterious squeals can also be heard around the court.

Southern Court

Several players claim to see the ghosts of dead Haitians playing basketball in the court situated near the parking area of the Washington Beach VCPD. It is said that after some time, or after being chased, the Haitians will just disappear into thin air. A burned garage can also be found near this court making it plausible that it has a correlation with the sightings. To this date, no proper evidence has been brought forward to prove this.


Residents of Washington Beach have also reported the southern court to be the location of gang activity, most notably the Sharks. It's possible, that the players might mistake gang members for ghosts, but there's no authentic evidence to support this. Another likely explanation is that the alleys are mostly abandoned, which may lead players to think about the existence of supernatural entities.

Video Investigation

GTA Vice City Myths & Legends - Season 3 Minor Myths 2

GTA Vice City Myths & Legends - Season 3 Minor Myths 2



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