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The Haunted Baby Stroller is a strange stroller underneath Broker-Dukes Expressway in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Underneath the Broker-Dukes Expressway, there is a small baby stroller sitting upright on the ground. Its placement could be a reference to children in the game. The stroller is a static entity and is not scripted to be pushed by any pedestrian.

Players claim that the stroller is haunted because it sometimes seems to move by itself. This may be the result of a spawn glitch, which could possibly cause it to roll down the incline by itself. Players also report that if the one shoots at the stroller, a little girl's voice can be heard saying "Mommy."

The stroller underneath the Dukes Expressway is not the only stroller in the game. There are other strollers that spawn on beaches or under bridges around the city, but it seems like this particular one has gained notoriety for being the only one that is haunted.

Nevertheless, the stroller's presence in the game is questionable. It is not known why game developers included the stroller in the game if they never planned to have children in the game. Because of that, people believe that this stroller is in the game just to make it more detailed. Certain players have speculated that Rockstar planned to include children in the game, but skeptics have said that if they did, the strollers would have been removed.

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