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Hampton Barns is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Hampton Barns is a small hamlet west of Blueberry that consists of a few small, one-story farmhouses perched upon a hill. There is a small unnamed trailer park a cater-cornered away from the barns. However, this moves in and out of the Hampton Barns subdivision and the generic "Red County" popup on the HUD. The area is dead south of the Fallow Bridge and allows close up views of the nearby Hunter Quarry and Greenglass College.

Myth Connection

A chainsaw and the suspicious pedestrian.

Despite being a populated area, Hampton Barns may serve as yet another location to find Leatherface. Perhaps the biggest piece of evidence for this theory is that a rare chainsaw pickup spawns here, even though the surrounding area is flat and does not contain any of the redwood trees that typically dot Red County. In fact, there are only a couple of small trees around Hampton Barns, certainly not large enough to justify a chainsaw to cut them down.

A string of dirt paths and roads connects Hampton Barns to the nearby Panopticon lumber mill, a hot spot for Leatherface encounters. This path allows the player to arrive at both of these locations stealthily, without having to rely on the more populated highway system. As Hampton Barns is located in a rural county, the bald hillbilly pedestrian, who is commonly believed to be Leatherface, spawns here.

There is a noticeable effect where fewer pedestrians will spawn if the player is in the Hampton Barns subdivision than if they, for example, go into the Red County portion of the nearby trailer park. Whether this is a reference to the Leatherface myth or not is completely up to interpretation.