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Growling Noises are considered a rare phenomena that is said to occur inside the abandoned Alderney Casino and beach areas at night in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The growls are said to be similar to that of a lion or a dog, which is strange because there are no animals in GTA IV, besides flying rats and seagulls. Others say that the growls come from a ghost that resides inside the Casino. The only possible explanation for the growls is the echoing sound of flying rats, thunder from a storm, or it could be one of the hobos who lives and sleeps in the Old Casino. Players said that they also heard random metal rattling, ghost whispering and the sounds of a rattling door knob.

The building in question is in poor condition, making it very likely that all of these noises were intended just not in the way most people think.

  • Whispering is most likely from either the water or the Hobos.
  • Metal rattling is completely intentional, and is to give the effect of a structure that is in desperate need of repair.
  • Rattling door knob is either some random effect or noise that has been taken out of context.
  • The growl comes from the metal decay, and has been taken out of context.

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