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Grove Street Elegy is a possible myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Grove Street Elegy specifically deals with the case of in-game Elegy and it's spawn point in Grove Street. In 2018, a GTA Myths Wiki post emerged stating that an Elegy, alleged to be driven by an unidentified pedestrian drove around the cul-de-sac, damaging the car while taking circles around and eventually drove away. The authenticity of the sighting has been challenged by a handful of users, arguing that Elegy is only programmed to spawn in the following places with their respective colors:

  • The Elegy is primarily reserved for Triad turf[1] and rich areas in San Fierro,[2] but it can appear in rich Los Santos areas such as Rodeo and Richman[2] as well.
  • The Elegy has the following default spawn colors: Black Poly (36), Anthracite Gray Poly (35), Torino Red Pearl (17), Concord Blue Poly (11), Medium Sapphire Blue Firemist (116), Dark Beechwood Poly (113), Dark Sapphire Blue Poly (101), Medium Gray Poly (92)[3]

One of the major subjects debated about the myth is the draw distance factor. According to the player that reported the sighting in the first place, the driver can't be sighted because of the draw distance factor but eventually, this claim has been challenged as well. Critics argue that the standing point of the photographer is close enough to actually spot the driver.


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