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Grove Street is the main base of the Grove Street Families, in both Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V, and is arguably one of the most famous mythical locations in the Grand Theft Auto series.


Grove Street and Ganton are set to resemble parts of the streets and homes in real life Compton, California.

In GTA San Andreas, Grove Street is used throughout the game's storyline and is the location of the game's protagonist's safehouse, formerly his deceased mother's house.

Some examples of Grove Street members in Grand Theft Auto V are both Franklin and Lamar.

In Grand Theft Auto V, The Ballas have occupied and taken over Grove Street.

The Grove Street Families use green as their gang color, and along with the Ballas' purple and the Vagos' yellow, seems to be a reference to the Crips, the Bloods, and the Latin Kings gangs, respectively.


The street contains many myths. The myths are located both on the street and in the houses around it.

In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas[]

Grove Street Families characters:


In Grand Theft Auto V[]

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