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Groaner or Groaners is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Groaner is a beastly creature featuring in the game, Silent Hill. Groaner is considered as a symbol of Alessa's hatred. He's also known as the Canine Monster. Groaners are normally skinny, covered in blood and gouges with a creepy looking bloodied mouth. Groaners usually attack in a group and will jump on the player if approached or sighted by the Groaner. Groaners are located in Old Silent Hill, Central Silent Hill, Silent Hill Resort Area.

Groaner appears in the Silent Hill: Exotica modification of GTA Vice City. He's seen only in a single photo alongside Closer and is rumored to attack the player in the mod, much similar to his features in the Silent Hill game, he will spawn in the Ocean Driveway. However, due to the lack of technical evidence, the myth is largely termed as false.

Groaner's version slightly differs from the one in the game. In the game, Groaner is entirely covered in blood whereas in the modification, Groaner has a pitch-black skin with slight visible blood patches around his skin. However, his ability to strike and his size are approximately the same from the original game series.


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