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Greenglass College is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Greenglass College is a large university servicing Bone County. Although it's purpose is to parody the University of Nevada, the building's shape is copied from the Clark County Government Center. The campus is a large circular foundation with the majority of the land dedicated to a cross-shaped plaza, with the western part of the complex hosting the inaccessible school buildings. Greenglass College has been linked with various myths in the game.

Epsilon Program

The Epsilon Program operates on campus, as the Backpacker spawns at this location and attempts to convert other pedestrians. The spawning of the Backpacker may seem connected as both the Los Santos Observatory and the college feature cross-shaped pedestrian paths, but this is merely a coincidence. Katie Zhan, one of CJ's girlfriends who holds anti-Epsilon tendencies, attended here which implies that she hates the cult because of her run-ins with the missionaries. Across the street is a large billboard for Eris, which is also linked to the Epsilon mystery.


Around the college are green bins with the biohazard logo on them. This isn't very surprising given the school's focus on medicine, as implied by Katie's dialogue, but could still possibly link the location with myths such as the Biowell.


The legendary cryptid known as Lizardman is rumored to appear at the college during the night. However, this is just a false rumor, as no sightings of the Lizardman were filed at the campus before the release of the Misterix Mod, which adds the monster specifically at Greenglass.


Some myth hunters have claimed that the center platform of the plaza is a UFO landing site.[1] The college's location in Bone County, a known UFO hotspot, could contribute to this rumor. It has never been officially confirmed.