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The Green Glow is an unexplained phenomenon that occurs in the ocean behind the Humane Labs and Research in past-gen versions (PS3 & X360) of Grand Theft Auto V.


The Green Glow appears in the reflection of the water in front of the sandy beach behind the Humane Labs and Research. It appears between 19:00 and 07:00, but it is unknown how it was produced. It could be possibly linked to a rare optical phenomenon called a Green Moon, in which during sunrise or sunset, the Moon takes the form of a visible green dot briefly, when it touches the horizon. However, this glow does not happen during those times and is permanent. The glow could also be linked to Aliens, or to the Mount Chiliad Mystery. Another theory is that it could be a reference to the Green Goo from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There is also a slight possibility that it is just a misplaced reflection.

Video Investigation


GTA V - Strange green light reflection near Humane Labs