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Green Fog is a form of strange weather in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Green fog is a very rare occurrence that occurs around the countryside in Red and Flint counties, mainly in those areas' multiple rivers and lakes. The fog is rumored to be a chemical residual of nearby chemical plants in the area and may a reference to water pollution. There are very few photos and videos that show this strange phenomenon occurring. A neon green fog can be observed during the mission First Base. A suicidal pedestrian can also be perceived in the fog, by the river.

In GTA San Andreas, green fog can always be seen if the player is using a resolution with a 16 bit color depth. This graphical setting reduces the total number of colors on the game's textures to improve performance, and as a side effect the blueish white color used for fog instead becomes a bright green color. This can be seen any time in game, but is most noticeable at night during foggy weather near the water.

Several green clouds can also be seen at night in GTA Vice City, although their purpose in the game is still unknown. They are often linked to the Bermuda Triangle and hurricane myth. The cloud may very well be the shadow of the sea color at night.


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