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Golden Skies is an example of Strange Weather in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas .


The myth of the golden skies in GTA San Andreas is probably one of the rarest and least discussed myths in the game, and has only been discussed on the closed website for video game myth hunters called VGPI. This myth and all references to it were removed when the founder Cf0x3o6 closed the website. The myth had only a small thread, and only a few people discussed or even saw it. The myth itself refers to the skies of Los Santos that supposedly glow with a golden color. This is supposed to be one of the rarest events in the game and is hotly debated. The myth of the golden skies is highly unlikely. However, one person has sighted the golden skies and managed to take a photo.

In 2020, the user "Otponk" took a photo of the myth, verifying its existence. During a common sunset, an orange glow usually appears on the horizon, however, the Golden Skies are distinguished because the entire sky takes that characteristic golden color, which becomes saturated as it gets closer to the horizon.