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Godzilla is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Godzilla, first called Gojira, grew to become known in both America and Japan as the King of Monsters. The original Gojira was a radioactive lizard trying to destroy humanity. He was then dissolved in a weird foam in his first movie by humanity, destroyed like all the other monsters we've come to know from that time period of cinema. Godzilla is also rumored to exist in Vice City. Players have speculated that Godzilla lurks around the boundaries of Vice City, wanting to prey on cruises and ships, while some even hold the belief that the Ghost Ships are a result of Godzilla's dreadful assault.

Legends speak that Godzilla originated from the Bermuda Triangle and returns to its base after assaulting aquatic vehicles. This myth is similar to the Abyssal Ocean and it can be assumed that Godzilla travels around and in the Abyssal Ocean, meaning the black voids that can be seen beyond the games limitations. Technical explanations are present to support the claim, but it discards the myth, terming it as false. These explanations state that while travelling around Vice City in foggy weather, the structure of the shapes might look different from a distance and players travelling towards Vice Beach might sight one of these buildings and assume it to be Godzilla, but any technical gamer wouldn't commit such an error.