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Glowing Water is a strange weather phenomenon in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Glowing water is another weather form, which involves the water glowing white in San Fierro or the countryside. It only occurs during the sunrise hours between 05:00 and 07:00, and it does not occur in Bone County, Las Venturas, or Los Santos. There has been at least one video and several photos online showing this strange phenomenon. 

This phenomenon is caused by some of the San Fierro and countryside weather types in the timecyc.dat file having a parameter known as "LightOnGround" enabled with very high value at 06:00; it is normally not meant to be used as it does not function properly in San Andreas but was used in previous GTA games to gradually lighten up the ground during sunrise. Since some of the timecyc.dat code for the San Fierro and countryside weather was taken directly from previous games, it results in a bright white glow above any body of water during the early morning.