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The Glowing Man is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Glowing Man is supposedly a glowing pedestrian found in numerous subway stations in Liberty City, most notably, the Easton Station during Multiplayer. The myth of the Glowing Man originated long after the game's release when a user posted an image on the GTA Myths Wiki Facebook page that showed what appeared to be a glowing pedestrian wandering around a Liberty City subway station during a Multiplayer match.

Players have proposed that the Glowing Man could even be found in the subway tunnels, similar to Ratman. They also debated whether the Glowing Man was a myth at all, as some said it may be just a rare glitch while others believed the quality of the camera may have caused the man to glow, as the camera's light sensitivity could have found it difficult to focus on him. The myth has been confirmed to be a hoax.


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