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Global Flooding refers to a possible series of unknown catastrophic events, which cause the HD universe to experience world-wide flooding on an unprecedented scale. The myth is primarily observable in Grand Theft Auto V.

The Map

Controversy was initially sparked when Reddit user C-Ron posted a screenshot of a map that is present in many barber shops including Herr Kutz, Hair on Hawick, and Beach Combover, as they all share the same interior.

At a glance, it appears to be a standard world map, however, upon closer inspection, many countries on the map have distinctly different coastlines and some have new inland seas. The map clearly displays a world where the sea level is much higher than our own and is comparable to real maps experts have created predicting future flooding.

The Global Warming Theory

It didn't take long for C-Ron to assume Rockstar was simply parodying the modern fear of climate change and ever present threat of rising sea levels we are told we will face in the future. It seemed the most logical explanation and he and his fellow redditors, whom he first shared the image with, didn't take analysis any further than that.

The Moon Theory

When he later found the image, fellow redditor, Dr_Sandvich, believed the flooding to be due to GTA V's increased size of its Moon in comparison to our own.[1] He cited for a more detailed explanation:

If the Moon got much closer, say 20 times closer, it would exert a gravitational force 400 times greater than what we are used to. A mighty tidal bulge would be created...with cities such as London and New York disappearing under water...

Commenters on the post were quick to draw a connection to The Moon of the 3D universe, which was able to be increased in size, if shot with a sniper rifle. They light-heartedly proposed that previous protagonist's antics may have caused this modern day catastrophe, despite universes existing independently.

San Andreas Island

It is possible that the fact the state of San Andreas is technically a large island, could be due to Global Flooding, which has segregated the entire state from the rest of the United States. This is unlikely, as San Andreas was also an island in the San Andreas installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, and is likely only a technical limitation and technique to make the game-world feel larger.

Flooded Map Online

In the in-game internet, on a website called, a play god mode is available to use. After the second picture is shown, click the play god button again to see a newspaper with a picture of an island. After another click, it is almost completely flooded. Words at the top of the paper says that a tsunami had hit. A global warming theory states that the north and south pole will melt and rise sea levels. A large chunk of ice can break apart from the poles, causing the tsunami.


The map is not likely to actually represent the real coastlines of countries in any Universe, as no mention has ever been made of Global Flooding in any in-game media. It is likely a parody and reference to real-world global warming and the increasing sea levels it may bring in the future. It is unlikely it is a reference to the 3D Universe and its Moon's ability to be increased in-size, as it would likely be too much of an abstract reference for most players to understand.



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