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This page contains all the known Glitches in Grand Theft Auto 2.

The Stairs Glitch

If the player drives a car up the stairs, a few police cars will spawn, and the player will automatically get a 6 stars wanted level.
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No Wanted Level Glitch

If the player has a flamethrower and shoots it at car, at a rare chance car will be stuck in another car, and will explode, now the player can do anything and not get a wanted level until he leaves the area.

Mobile RV

Enterable building in Mobile RV, it is the building where a shotgun spawns in front of it you can just jump through the wall there but you can't get out.

Dead Glitch

You can shoot dead people away on treetops when you use a rocket launcher.

Car on exploded trailer

Get a trailer to a crane, put a car near the crane, the crane will pick it up and put it on the trailer before it does that blow up the trailer, you will know have a exploded trailer with a car on it, pretty boring though.

After the mission Penal ties

After the mission Penal ties the redneck red mission 2 the alma matter prison stays open go over there to kill alot of people and get alot of points.

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