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This page contains all the known Glitches in Grand Theft Auto 2.

The Stairs GlitchEdit

GTA 2 Screenshots (1)

There are certain stairs in the game where if the player drives a car up them, they will automatically get a six star wanted level.

No Wanted Level GlitchEdit

If the player has a flamethrower and shoots it at a car, there is a rare chance that the car will duplicate and the two cars will be stuck conjoined. For some reason, this causes the player to be able to commit any crime without getting a wanted level.

No ExitEdit

At the building which a shotgun spawns in front of, the player is able to enter through an invisible entrance in the wall but once inside they cannot get back out. This makes the player invincible while inside.

Dead GlitchEdit

When the player shoots a dead body with a rocket launcher, the body will move across the ground a couple of feet. Due to the game having a 2D view, dead bodies can be knocked to appear like they are on top of trees.

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