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This page contains all the known Glitches in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Helicopter Glitch[]

Have a 2-star wanted level or more, then fly a little low in an area where the cops are chasing you. The police will take you out off the helicopter even though you're flying.

Invisible Biker Glitch[]

Sometimes if a battle with the Vice City Bikers is going on in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, shoot them with an Carbine Rifle while they're driving fast, and it'll show the Angel doing the donuts with no driver.

Invisible Vic Glitch[]

Get a bike, turn the camera into the outside dashboard camera. Try to look left and right, Vic will be invisible while riding the bike. If you have a sub-machine gun, the sub-machine gun is invisible and if shot at the front, it looks like a free aim.

No Traffic Glitch (encountered on PS2)[]

After the eastern island is unlocked, if you play for a while without saving, in particular completing numerous Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound drop-offs in a row, you may encounter a scenario where no traffic (or, at least, very little traffic spawns). This does not effect pedestrian spawning, or the spawning of parked vehicles. There are some benefits to this glitch: less traffic to collide with when driving an Impound vehicle, and even up to a 6-star Wanted Level very few police or military vehicles spawn.

Police Helicopter Glitch (tested on PS2)[]

Whilst on a three star wanted level or above, going indoors whilst a Police Maverick is on your pursuit will cause it to freeze in mid-air but with the propellers spinning. If the building has windows you can snipe at the helicopter, providing it is in view, and it will catch fire after enough hits but will never explode. Exiting the building will negate the damage inflicted to the helicopter, although it will still remain stationary in the sky and can now be destroyed.

Squashed Bike Glitch[]

Drive a VCPD Wintergreen to the stadium and buy access to the Phil Collins Concert. Exit or watch the concert. When you come out, there is a 75% chance the bike will be squashed. You can still mount the bike but it will revert to normal if you manage to.

Teleport Glitch (tested on PS2)[]

Head to the eastern side of Escobar International, you will find a sand pile with a few cement pipes. Jump on the end of the pipe facing east, and it will teleport the player to the golf course on the first island.

Turn off-and on Glitch[]

Try to play a difficult side mission (best examples are Vigilante and Paramedic) and turn off your PSP, then turn on again until at some time it will freeze and your PSP will restart.