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This page contains all the known glitches in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Bullets from Interior

When the player is wanted and hides in an interior, a police helicopter can shoot through the interior when the player is somewhere in the interior. The player can also be damaged by the Rhino Tank too. This glitch seems to appear only in the mobile version of the game.

Jumping Glitch

On the mobile version of the game, a player is able to fire a weapon while jumping when he presses jumping forward and fire button at the same time. If they use a stronger weapon, like a rocket launcher while doing this they won't get harmed when they do this near a wall.

Killing the Mission Giver

During some missions, if the player harms a mission giver to the latter's death, the game camera will glitch as soon as the last cut-scene ends. The corpse of the mission giver will appear on the screen. Then the mission will glitch itself after a few seconds, then it will revert back to normal. This also has been confirmed on the mobile version of the game.

Replay Glitch

If the player uses PSP, iOS and Android versions of the game gets busted/waster when he cancels a replaying mission, this will not be written in the statistics of the game


The voices from the main player and from characters seem to be reused from GTA IV. For example, a wounding sound is actually a dying sound from random NPC in GTA IV. Which is most likely just a reuse, rather than glitch.

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