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Giorgio Forelli is a myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Giorgio Forelli was an Italian-American cousin of the late mafia don, Sonny Forelli. Giorgio himself superintended several Forelli Family syndicates in Vice City and Liberty City and was alone mafia capo, administering a mafia nexus within Vice City. Giorgio doesn't physically appear in the game but has been mentioned numerously.

During the events of 1984, Giorgio had become a loan shark, loaning Barry Mickelthwaite three million dollars. Furthermore, Giorgio devised to eliminate Barry and Pill Collins, although the hitmen are killed by Victor Vance.

The Vice City Police Department believed that a conviction is a cert, later on, Giorgio was put on trial for fraud in 1986. During the mission Jury Fury, Ken Rosenberg asks Tommy Vercetti, to intimidate some jurors for Giorgio, he is later acquitted. Giorgio is a cross-dresser and it may be plausible, that Giorgio uses impersonation, a technique used in the crime syndicate to conceal actual identification.


It is believed, that Giorgio has been responsible for several mafia hits around Vice City. When talking to Tommy Vercetti during a cutscene, Ken tells him, that he believes some of Tommy's "Italian brothers" were coming to fit him with cement shoes. This cemented the fact, that Cement Shoe Men are indeed a misdeed of Forelli Family.
This has led many to believe, that Giorgio may be responsible for the Cement Shoe Men. This might not be surprising, as Giorgio had a major influence on Vice City. Ken Rosenberg was the closest to Giorgio, as described by Rockstar as his Blue Chip Client. It's plausible, that Ken Rosenberg was involved with Giorgio Forelli and had knowledge about Giorgio's dark crimes around the city. Because of this, some players also believe he may be responsible for similar other acts, such as the Car Grave.

The chances of the Forelli family having responsibility for these events are almost certain, but whether Giorgio is also implicated is not fully understood, meaning this myth is only possible in certain scenarios.


Giorgio's possible inspiration is Michael Corleone from the Godfather Trilogy, Michael is related to Sonny Corleone, the character which Sonny Forelli is based on. Giorgio also went to trial similar to Michael, furthermore Michael also went to trial in Florida. Giorgio like Michael intimated the jury's, and eventually was acquitted.

Possible whereabouts

The location of Giorgio Forelli has puzzled myth hunters ever since the myth originated. The most possible location for Giorgio is the Washington Beach police station, due to the fact that Giorgio is awaiting trial, it is possible that he is placed somewhere in the station, perhaps even the Torture Cells.

Giorgio Forelli's Crime Record

  • Italian-American Criminal.
  • Currently case is trial.
  • Conviction thought to be certain.
  • Related to Liberty City organized crime family.
  • Cross dresser.


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