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I will rip out your soul like a spider!

–A Haitian gang member, possibly referencing the Giant Spiders.

Giant Spiders are an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The idea of Giant Spiders in the game originated from a forum posted in 2016, based around the Funeraria Romero Cemetery.

There is little evidence related to Giant Spiders, except for a window in House No. 252. The texture appears to be at the window, or a small nook and cranny, with a strange white blob peering out. There are many interpretations of what the blob actually is, but in reference to the Giant Spiders myth, there are two possibilities; one is that the large white blob is the spider itself, considering its massive size related to the encounter in Milan, and the other possibility put forward is that the white blob is actually the web of the spider. If one looks closely, they can see that there is a black mass located in the center of the blob. This mass is solid black, and has 4 appendages, facing in each direction. Spiders have 8 legs, which would be hard to render at a small resolution, and depending on the species, 2 of the legs can face in each direction (take this tarantula as an example). Either way, the Giant Spider is one of the newest myths in the Grand Theft Auto series, and also one of the most cryptic.

Milanese Theory

The address of the Romero family buildings and a house located near it are 1499 and 252 respectively. If one is to add these numbers together, the sum would be 1751. After some research, a user found that in the year 1751, a large white spider, weighing 4 pounds, was discovered in the Italian town of Milan.[1] While Romero's actual ethnicity is debatable, it is known that they would belong to one of the Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, and Romanian among others). It is possibly a reference to this incident, as the town the spider was discovered in, and the area in the game, are both connected to Romance languages.


There is another reference also located in Little Haiti. The small church of Eglise Baptiste De La Regeneration is located here and appears to be named in French. The same book that mentioned the Milanese spider also mentioned a similar encounter inside a cathedral in Paris, France. Eglise is also a French church, so there is a possible connection.


The Huntsman spider is a real species of arachnids, that can mostly inhabit desert locales and tropical wetlands,[2] just like the landscape in Florida and the Caribbean islands. They are well known for their large leg spans.

Atheneum, or Spirit of the English Magazines is the book that mentions the Milanese spider story seen above. However, just underneath this story is another one titled South-American Spider. Despite the name, the excerpt takes place in the Caribbean islands and Florida. Many players concluded that the spider mentioned in the book was the Goliath birdeater, the world's largest spider by mass. However, this spider is only in Guyana and portions of northern Brazil. This means that the only spider of comparable size would be the Huntsman spiders.

The book mentions that the mythical spider attacks small birds and lizards. The spider hides in small nooks and crannies before attacking with blitz speed and having a large number of eggs wrapped in silk. All of this is typical huntsman behavior one would expect from the species. This, however, does not debunk this myth but makes it more legitimate. The size of the largest huntsmen spiders seen in Florida has a body size about the size of a US penny.[3] The penny is less than an inch long, while the mythical spider is claimed to have a body "one and a half inches" in size, or more. This would mean that the mythical spider is twice, or even triple, the size of the average adult huntsman, giving it a very large leg span. Spiders of this size are extremely rare and have only been found a couple of times in isolated cases in Laos, Vietnam, and other south Asian nations.[4] They would be nowhere near Florida.

It is likely that instead of a fantasy styled large spider, the claimed spiders are actually a giant version of a spider, which the thought of which can still terrify even the most veteran players.

Monster from Green Hell


Surprisingly, these giant cryptids have been hinted elsewhere in the game. The bygone film, The Hairy Beast from Hell, which was produced by InterGlobal Studios during the early days of the production house, is inspired by the real-life film, Monster from Green Hell. Shockingly, featuring giant wasps that were developed from a hazardous wasp inside a rocket, that malfunctioned during a routine experiment to test animal survival in space. Unfortunately, it crashlands in remote Africa, giving birth to deadly venomous wasps which were later destroyed by the lava. Such is the case, that these giant wasps were pretty much similar to the giant spider wasps, which may be bound to the original giant spider myth in the game, intentionally, included by Rockstar.