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Giant Snowman is an Easter egg that can be found hidden inside a large warehouse in La Mesa in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Easter egg can be found in a large Frigid warehouse located in La Mesa, in eastern Los Santos. The player has to turn into an alleyway and go straight for a while, and then bust through a gate to enter the refrigerated warehouse. Once inside, there will be four large double blue doors on both sides of the player, and one of them will be cracked open a little bit. Peer inside of the room through the crack, and a large snowman can be found at the back of the room, behind some crates and pallets. The player can shoot at the crates to make them break to have a better view of the snowman, but the player cannot enter the room. 

The snowman appears to be comically over sized, and it has what appears to be a green cap and blue scarf wrapped around his neck.