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Ghost , (also called a Spirit) is a disembodied apparition, usually described to be the soul or spirit of a dead person. Ghosts have been reported since Grand Theft Auto III. There are four types of ghosts.

Type 1

Type one ghosts are normally docile, and do not cause any kind of harm to the player. This type of ghost is only audible, and cannot be seen because it does not manifest in physical form. An example would be Vic Vance's Ghost. The player can hear the ghost's voice in the area but cannot see them. This can cause panic to a player, and inspire them to never return to that area.

Type 2

These types of ghosts are shadows or glows and are prone to cause minor disturbances in the occupied space. They don't attack and are visible as shadows and smokes. An example would be Ricardo Diaz's Ghost in GTA Vice City.

Type 3

This type of ghost can manifest in physical form and can be seen by the player as a shadow or a silhouette. Normally they don't attack but in rare cases, they do. An example would be Big Smoke's Ghost in GTA San Andreas and Phantoms in GTA V.

Type 4

This is the type that is commonly a mod and nearly impossible to find. These are actual beings that have a skin. There is not enough proof that they exist in the game or to even classify behavior, but it is believed that they can be hostile and aggressive.

Ghost List

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Type One Type Two Type Three Type Four
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