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Ghost World is a glitched universe in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Accessing the Ghost World malfunctions the game and causes numerous black voids and hidden interiors to appear; walking into a black void returns the player to normal gameplay. However, the player can fall infinitely or even die on rare occasions. Unlike Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where the player can only access all the interiors by using a jetpack or trainer, this doesn't feature a Hidden Interiors Universe but enables the player to access any nearby hidden interior. Ghost World might be mistaken with Blue Hell, but unlike Blue Hell, the Ghost World enables the player to roam around, explore, collect hidden packages, and drive, unless the player falls into a black void.


The Ghost World can be accessed from numerous locations and tricks in the game:

  • Get a fast motorcycle, particularly a PCJ-600, and drive it towards the entrance of The Pole Position Club. Bail out of the motorcycle just before it enters the club. The motorcycle is supposed to be in the interior of the club. Get inside the club. As you walk out the door, you'll be able to access the Ghost World. This is a pretty good way to find all hidden packages because no buildings will block the view.
  • Sprint against the bloodied wall at Apartment 3C, this will make you fall into the Ghost World.
  • The Ghost World is also located in the VCPD Station and can be accessed during the mission No Escape, by walking into a specific wall near the reception.
  • Jump from the wardrobe onto the non-solid roof at Tommy's Ocean Beach apartment. After doing it, you can access the Ghost World.
  • Park the motorcycle at the closed door at the far left side of the entrance, then enter the Malibu Club. Get back on the motorcycle from the front of it without exiting the club, and you will enter the Ghost World.

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