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Ghost Walls are a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


A ghost wall is a name given to certain walls in the game that are visible from one side, but invisible when viewed from the other. The invisible side of the ghost wall retains it's collision and will show whatever is on the opposite side of the wall, instead of showing Blue Hell. There are three documented ghost walls in Vice City.

The first one is located in Vice Point, in an unreachable region of the map. Another ghost wall can be found in an alleyway in Ocean Beach. The third can be found in a garage in Little Havana.

An explanation for this effect isn't disclosed during the game. However, it is most likely a mistake made by a developer. In-game textures can be applied to either one or both sides of a 3D surface. In this instance, it seems an artist has neglected to apply the texture to both sides of the object, therefore, the game renders one side with a texture and the other side as blank space.  

This, however, has been fixed on the PS4 edition of the game.


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