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The Ghost Truck is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


There is a major glitch resulting in a Stockade having no driver, but they will drive around normally. This behavior is most likely to be seen in Rockford Hills. If the player has a wanted level, the Stockade will sometimes cause chaos (colliding with other cars and objects, killing pedestrians, etc) in the city, but when the player loses the wanted level, it will continue to drive normally around Rockford Hills, mimicking regular pedestrian behavior.

There are also some other reports that state that apart from the Stockade, a number of additional trucks such as the Phantom and Tow truck can be seen driving around the map with no driver. Like the afformentioned occurence, these trucks will also try to ram the player, alongside other cars, off the road. Supposedly, this occurence tends to happen at Paleto Bay and the near highways.

Some plays speculate that this is an intentional refrence by Rockstar to the 1986 film Maximum Overdrive, where trucks come to life and become hostile, however it is most likely just a glitch as the same behavior can also be witnessed with other vehicles in the game.

Ironically in GTA Online, the Cerberus Halloween Event, as it's name implies, has a driveless Cerberus terrorizing and chasing the player upon entering an Exotic Export vehicle that spawn in various locations on the map.

The truck will try to kill the player until they manage to deliver the car to the docks where they will suceed in their mission. However, this event is mostly inspired from Steven Spielberg's 1971 film Duel and not Maximum Overdrive.

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