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The Ghost Town Figure myth was made famous a short time after the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, when players have reported seeing a strange black figure walking around the Ghost Town at night. The figure is said to disappear suddenly if the player gets too close. There are various pictures and videos online showing what players think the Ghost Town figure is.


Most accounts of the Ghost Town figure are generally the same. Players usually describe the figure to be an old lady. In fact, most of the online videos of the so-called Ghost Town Figure show the figure walking with a lady's walking animation. It is possible that the Ghost Town Figure is just an ordinary woman pedestrian with a black texture. Other players have even claimed that the Ghost Figure carries a chainsaw.

If the one listens to the police radio inside any law enforcement vehicle long enough, there is sometimes a report from a policeman that says "We got a hysterical old woman in Las Brujas. Says she's a witch or something." However, this may just be a pun on the English translation of Las Brujas, which is The Witches.



  • The way the Ghost Figure is claimed to act is similar to the way the nicknamed "Grey Man" or "Shadow Man" from the game LSD Dream Emulator acts.
  • Ghost Town Figure is similar to a later GTA myth, the Jolene Cranley-Evans' Ghost. They both are figures of females that are found in desolate locations. Creepier, they both appear at the same time: 23:00.

Video investigation

GTA San Andreas myths and legends (The Ghost Town Figure)

GTA San Andreas myths and legends (The Ghost Town Figure)

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