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Las Brujas, also known as the Ghost Town, is a small abandoned town located near Sherman Dam, in between El Castillo del Diablo, ironically meaning "The Devil's Castle," and Arco Del Oeste in Bone County. The town is the site of a famous myth, the Ghost Town Figure. Las Brujas is Spanish for The Witches.


The town is depicted as a small settlement populated with wooden buildings, appearing as a small Wild West town. The town also features a small chapel and a fenced-in graveyard, with tombstones in a state of disrepair and partially buried under the sand. The graveyard has a small hole dug out near its exterior.


The ghost town appears to have been abandoned long before the setting of the game. The town also contains an old cemetery where the Ghost Town Figure is said to appear. It is featured in the mission High Noon in which officer Jimmy Hernandez is killed by Eddie Pulaski for attempting to save Carl Johnson, and buried in the town graveyard. He was killed for selling C.R.A.S.H. to Internal Affairs. However, Eddie Pulaski is then killed by Carl Johnson. The town is a frequent area for Mothman sightings, as the jagged rock formations in the area can cause planes to crash. Overall, almost any myth associated with the desert can spawn in this area. 

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