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Ghost Subway Trains are a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Subway Train Wrecks

During the mission Bringing the House Down, it has been proven that an abandoned subway exists underneath Fort Staunton. The ruins include two old subway trains with a rather ghostly appearance. The wrecks cannot be entered or changed color with cheats unlike the other subway trains in the game, as these subway trains are programmed to be textured objects. It has also been proven that before and after the mission, the wrecks still appear in the subway. Even though the subway disappears, the wrecks can be observed floating in the sky where the subway should be.

Ghost Train

The ghost subway train is a proven myth in the subway tunnel. Many players exploring the subway during the mission have reported hearing a train horn in the subway tunnels among other strange train noises. They also claim the horn is the same train horn from Grand Theft Auto III, but the strange thing about this noise is that it can only be heard in the subway in Fort Staunton. The horn can be heard three times, each time becoming more high pitched, which many players think is a ghost train approaching them.

Many players have also heard more train noises in the tunnel, one of which is a ghostly braking sound which many players believe is a ghost train stopping at one of the stations. This noise can be heard two times before the ghost horn appears.

The other strange noise players have heard is another horn like sound which can be heard just before the braking sounds.

Pedestrian Spawn Glitch

Another strange occurrence in the tunnel is a pedestrian glitch which causes random pedestrians to spawn in the tunnel. If the player activates the pedestrians love you cheat random pedestrians will spawn in the tunnel. The pedestrians mostly spawn out of sight of the player and suddenly appear when the player turns Toni around or if the player walks into certain parts of the tunnel the pedestrians will suddenly appear in front of them. This bizarre glitch is very similar to the ghost guard in GTA San Andreas but the bizarre thing about this glitch is that more than 1 pedestrian can spawn in the tunnel at one time. Usually up to 3 pedestrians spawn at the same time but sometimes even 5 pedestrians can spawn at the same time in the tunnel. Also if the player kills the pedestrians more will spawn in the tunnel sometimes even the same pedestrians that the player just killed will respawn again.

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