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Ghost Rider is a bygone myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It's one of the myths that emerged a year after the game was released, but still remains as one of the oldest myths in GTA Vice City. It's known to indulge players into both the mythical and technical aspects of myth hunting and later on became a source of various player skins in the game that are still popular.


The myth took off from a particular claim on an online forum, namely Neoseeker, when a user under the name of Crimson Bahamut posted a thread relating to ghost bikes and riders in the game. According to the user, he claimed to have sighted a strange bike phenomenon, explaining that a driver-less blue bike drifted past him near Hyman Memorial Stadium in Downtown Vice City. This led him, along with other gamers, to ponder over the existence of ghost bikes and riders in the game.

I was in downtown and I was by the Bloodring stadium when this blue bike sped by me and there was no rider on the bike. I tried to stop it and when I did nobody was on the bike!!


Soon after, players started to look more into the myth with respect to technicality. Moreover, players were urged to experience the phenomenon in the game without the use of modifications excluding in-game cheat codes. Post saving a game after using cheat codes, starting it again, getting a freeway and entering certain specific codes (infinite health cheat, bikes drive on walls cheat, never fall off bike cheat, heavy bike cheat, and always on fire cheat), the player will obtain all the features relating to a Ghost Rider including driving a bike on a building with extreme ignition. Post the release of the film Ghost Rider, players started to develop skins that modify the existing character into a ghost rider and began to hoax videos, describing them as a ghost rider sighting.


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