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For the myths in GTA San Andreas, see Suicidal Airplanes or Zombie Planes.

Ghost Planes are a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The myth began during the early days of the game's release. It took off with minor rumors related to aerial sightings, usually sighted by players while observing the sky or flying around Vice City.


According to players, the sightings begin with navigational lights drifting in the sky to the point, when it flies in a random direction. However, upon observing the movements, players started to fly towards these planes, but didn't come in contact due to the height and speed of the planes. After several attempts, players finally succeeded in establishing a contact with these planes and discovered something out of the ordinary.


The planes were non-solid and hollow from the inside. This led players to believe that these planes were the unfortunate ones that fell in the Bermuda Triangle, further stating that this could be the reason of their random flights.

Debunking The Myth

The myth was later debunked, when players observed that the planes in the Escobar International Airport are hollow and non-solid as well, dropping a bombshell on the puzzling myth.