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Ghost Limousine is a mythical vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Ghost Limousine is a Stretch limousine owned by Avery Carrington in 1986. The limo appears in the beginning of all the cutscenes of the missions assigned by Avery Carrington on the construction site of Avery Towers in Vice Point. Initially, it was considered as a mere character vehicle, but over the time, players noticed that the limo lacked a driver or any human presence during the opening scene. Whereas, it infact featured Avery Carrington inside the limo in the very next scene. This uncommon trait of the vehicle earned it a paranormal importance.

On rare occasions, the vehicle might crash into the wooden fence. Though, these factors are widely accepted as a developers' error, but it can also be a very vague Easter egg.

Furthermore, rumors flew around the city on sighting the limo on the construction site, suspiciously involved in criminal or paranormal activities. Unfortunately, these are mere hoaxes and even if the player sees the vehicle, it's likely to be an error.