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For a similar lake in Back o' Beyond, see Ghost Lake.

The Ghost Lake is a proven phenomenon found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Ghost Lake can be found in a small park within the Palisades district of San Fierro. It consists of 2 small bodies of water that are connected by a nonfunctional flowing river, which is the only of its kind found within the game. While not paranormal, especially due to its placement in a suburban area next to a tourist area, fans started noticing strange behavior coming from the lake.

The lake itself does not actually count fully as a body of water, because the water texture can be seen, but if the player shoots at it or jumps in, they will only notice water splashes on the floor of the pond, where the actual "water level" is located. Because of the water level glitch, there is no consequence of going underwater, as no lung capacity meter will appear. It is also possible to drive vehicles that are fully underwater. Similar to the lake of the same name in Back O' Beyond, the Ghost Lake has a bug in which submerged vehicles turn invisible.

There is a strange phenomenon in the Lake, concerning weather. If the player steps inside the lake, there will be an increased chance of Foggy weather occurring, and the player will also be able to see fog particles in the lake on a sunny or otherwise clear day. The fog effect stops if the player exits the lake. Unlike other water sources, NPCs can enter the lake and will not drown. Overall, the Ghost Lake is a proven phenomenon but is most likely a developer oversight.


  • The map icon for this area is bugged, because it shows grey concrete instead of water. Possibly a beta leftover.
  • In one of the lakes, there is a large fountain. The water that fills up the fountain is solid, and the player can stand on it.


Video Investigation

GTA SA Minor Myths 6 Myths 65, 66 Ghost Lake & Ghost Plants

GTA SA Minor Myths 6 Myths 65, 66 Ghost Lake & Ghost Plants


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