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For a similar lake in San Fierro, see Ghost Lake (San Fierro).

The Ghost Lake is a small body of water possessing strange traits, located in Back O' Beyond, Flint County, San Andreas. 


The Ghost Lake is a small basin whose stagnant, brackish waters are thought to be periodically fed by the Los Santos Inlet during a flood or exceptional tides. Boulders effectively segregate the basin from permanent replenishment from the inlet, giving it's water a dark murky discoloration unique to the basin that cannot be found anywhere else in the state.

The water of the basin has another unique property. When a vehicle is driven into the water, no part of the vehicle below the waterline will be visible, despite the lake's semi-transparency. Likewise, when viewed from beneath the water, no part of the vehicle above the waterline can be seen. It is important to note that CJ himself and the lake's semi-submerged rocks are visible below and above the waterline.

This bizarre glitch fueled many rumors regarding myths since the release of the game, quickly leading players to make claims of Loch Ness Monster sightings within the lake. It was not long before reports of Bigfoot, Piggsy, Slenderman, Chupacabra, Killer Cowboy, The Woods Creature and Yeti sightings on the hill near the lake soon became common and the forestry surrounding the lake believed to be one of the best places to find the Bear and Crocodiles. Although, when using Water Level Editor to lower the water level, the brown water will still be there. When driven into, the car won't sink.