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The Ghost Graffiti is a patch of graffiti located in the Vinewood Cemetery in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Players can find it on the wall behind the mausoleum. The Ghost Graffiti is one of the few proven myths in GTA San Andreas.


The player will be able to find some graffiti on the wall of the cemetery reading "Families 4 Life". It is written in a large, ornate graffiti typeface, and it was clearly made by a member of the Grove Street Families. The "e" and "s" in the word families are written to look like the letter 6, as is the letter "e" in life, and as a result, a crude version of the number 666 is visible. 666 is a number commonly associated with the Christian devil and is known as satanic and paranormal.

Strangely, the graffiti is visible only from 20:00 to 06:00; It appears at night, but then it abruptly disappears in the morning. It is unknown if this is a glitch or an Easter egg. 

The graffiti texture is similar to the neon signs that say "Open" that can be found on various businesses around the state. These neon signs also disappear in the morning and are visible at night. It is possible that the graffiti texture accidentally got swapped with another one, and it was never noticed by game testers. 

It is known that various members of the Grove Street Families, including Beverly Johnson, Tony, Little Devil, and Big Devil are buried here. Other ghost graffiti can be found in the cemetery.

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